About Us

Our mission

The Denison Forum on Truth and Culture (DFTC) (www.denisonforum.org) exists to engage contemporary culture with biblical truth. As a catalyst for moral and spiritual renewal, DFTC is joining God in building a global movement of culture-changing Christians.

Our story

America has lost its moral compass while a great spiritual revolution is sweeping other nations of the world. More people are turning to Christ today than at any time in history – more than 82,000 a day, according to recent surveys. However, only 6,000 are in Western Europe and North America, combined.

At the same time that faith is increasing dramatically in developing nations, research shows that our culture is experiencing a spiritual crisis. Many don’t know or accept traditional religious answers to the challenges of our day. A recent survey asked Americans what one problem they would fix if they could. Not surprisingly, the leading answer was restoring economic stability to the nation. But tied for first place was restoring morality to our society.

How can we rebuild the moral foundations upon which our democracy depends and help people join the global spiritual awakening?

Dr. Jim Denison launched the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture in February 2009 to respond to these critical needs. Nearly 19,000 people in 90 countries read his free daily cultural commentary. Through his essays in The Dallas Morning NewsThe Christian Post, and other major channels, Dr. Denison provides compelling perspectives on culture to a modern generation in search of moral truth. By utilizing the web, social media, print literature, radio, and speaking events, DFTC is bridging the gap between faith and culture.

Our team

Jeff Byrd, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, directs all ministry operations. Jeff is an engineer with an MBA and many years of corporate managerial experience. He has served with Dr. Denison for over 20 years in three churches.

Janet Denison, Director of Spiritual Formation, is a published author, teacher, and speaker. Her website and blog make her Bible studies and other resources available to a fast-growing audience, and her speaking engagements bring God’s word to churches and study groups across Texas.

Brittany Kulick, Marketing Director, coordinates media, public relations, and calendar. She is a professional marketer, social media expert, and event coordinator. Brittany joined the team in January 2011.

Billie Byrd is our part-time office manager. She has owned and operated her own marketing company and served on for-profit and non-profit staffs.

Minni Elkins, Dr. Denison’s longtime assistant, serves part-time to coordinate correspondence, edit content, and help readers locate resources.

Our organization

Denison Forum is organized as a public charity under section 501(c)3 of the US tax code. The ministry’s Form 990 is available upon request.